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Greetings valued players, As you may or may not be aware our server recently suffered at the hands of various hackers.

Unfortunately as our popularity grew this was bound to happen eventually. Sadly as a result we have decided to wipe all objects, items and more importantly humanity from the server.

However we do not like to leave our players high and dry so you may request a humanity refund and we will issue that quick smart. You have also received 1 million dollars in your bank to get you started.

In addition to this you may request a refund crate. We have also patched the vulnerability that allowed this to happen in the first place.

Regards, Quake


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Marketplace Rules and Regulations

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1 Marketplace Rules and Regulations on Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:53 pm


Executive Administrator
Executive Administrator

As a result of a changing community, we here at Endless Gaming have decided to regulate the Buying/Selling/Auctioning and Trading of in game items.

In the interests of making everything fair these following rules and guidelines are effective immediately.

General Guidelines:

  • You must be at least a member of the Endless Gaming Forums for at least 7 days before you can sell in this thread ( You can still bid on items for sale).

  • Only one thread per person at any given time.

  • Do not reference or try to sell your own items/trades in other peoples threads.

  • You may only bump your thread once every 24 hours.

  • Please prefix your thread title so people know what kind of a post it is(FS - For Sale , FT - For Trade, WTB - Want to Buy or FA - For Auction)

Guidelines and Regulations for Sellers:

  • You are not permitted to edit the Auction/Sale thread once the first bid has been made(Failure to adhere to this may be considered scamming).

  • Auctions must have a set end time clearly displayed in the thread. This deadline must be adhered to. ¬†You can not under any circumstances sell/auction items for real currency.

  • All auctions must be for in game coin only. This means no rubies,gems, gold ect.

  • For all auctions you may include a starting price and/or a reserve(A reserve is a the minimum you want to get for your items, if the auction does not reach this you are under no obligation to sell). If an action does not have a reserve, you must sell the item at the end of the auction to the highest bidder.

Guidelines and Regulations for Buyers:

  • All bids made are considered binding. This means if you place a bid/offer you must be prepared to honor it if you are the highest/selected offer. The only circumstance that a bid can be retracted is on mutual agreement between the Buyer and the Seller (Failure to adhere to this rule can be considered scamming).

  • No thread-lowballing. If you think someones price is unreasonable just avoid making an offer.

  • All posts you make must be relevant at all times. Excessive unecessary posting can be considered bumping.

Guidelines and Regulations for Trades:

  • All trades are done so at your own risk. This means admins are under no obligation to replace/refund scammed items.

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