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Greetings valued players, As you may or may not be aware our server recently suffered at the hands of various hackers.

Unfortunately as our popularity grew this was bound to happen eventually. Sadly as a result we have decided to wipe all objects, items and more importantly humanity from the server.

However we do not like to leave our players high and dry so you may request a humanity refund and we will issue that quick smart. You have also received 1 million dollars in your bank to get you started.

In addition to this you may request a refund crate. We have also patched the vulnerability that allowed this to happen in the first place.

Regards, Quake


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recovering gear and items

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1 recovering gear and items on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:17 pm

This is what i remember having last time i played :


    2   Loot Urals
    1   Tan M2 humvee
    1   Camo UAZ
    1   UH-60S Heli


   2 Emeralds
   3 Rubies
   1 Obsidian

   Had about 2 million coins across the 4 safes put down

   Base had a few sheds that were empty

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