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Dayz Server Rules

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1 Dayz Server Rules on Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:06 pm


Executive Administrator
Executive Administrator

Endless Gaming Dayz (PVE) Server Rules

This server is a PVE server. This means you are not to attack or kill another player.

General Rules:

  • No PvP for any reason (including self defense). Let the admins sort it out!

  • No Stealing¬†

  • No Base Raiding

  • Vehicles left unattended within 1km of the trader can be deleted at any time


  • Missions are to be claimed in side chat and marked on the map. Failure to do both may result in your claim being invalidated.
  • Claim only one mission at a time. If you have an existing mission you need to finish it or un-claim it in order to pick another mission.
  • Loot-drop type missions do not need to be claimed(redcross , fallen soldier and chenarus bank)

Base Building:

  • No building within 1500m of a trader

  • No building within 200m of Military bases or high loot areas

  • You are not allowed to build on a road, building a bridge over is fine, provided it will not prevent another user in any land vehicle from moving through.

  • Setting traps around your base is not permitted unless they are behind a locked door

  • You may not block access to any loot location where unique or rare loot spawns, like hospitals and supermarkets(building on the roof, or next door is ok, provided it doesn't impede easy or safe access for other players).

Final Regards:

These rules have been created in the interests of creating an enjoyable and fair game environment for all. With that being said our admins like to take a more nicer approach to enforcing these rules than other servers. We here at Endless Gaming understand that simple mistakes and accidents happen and you will not be punished in those cases. We will take action in cases where rules are deliberately being broken.

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