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DayZ Server Information and tips

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1 DayZ Server Information and tips on Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:11 pm


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Executive Administrator

Endless Gaming Dayz (PVE) Server Information & Tips

General Server Information:

  • This server is a PVE server, PVE stands for Player Versus Environment
    on a PVE server your enemies are not other players, your enemies are the server side AI bandits, Zombies, your ability to gather essential supplies, and the natural elements.
    as a result PVP (attacking other players) is not permitted on this server under any circumstances.

Mods / Features installed

  • Coin
  • Tow & Lift
  • Anti Hack
  • AI Missions
  • Groups
  • Roaming AI
  • Trader Safe Zones
  • Walking Zombies
  • Side Quests


  • Build your base securely and with a locked door, as well as a safe for cash and important loot, although stealing is against the rules, refunds will not be given for items you fail to make sufficient effort to secure..
  • A garage is a good investment to ensure your vehicles remain undamaged when you are not there to protect them, if a mission spawns nearby to your base, stray bullets can and do damage vehicles.
  • If you do not yet have a base, you may store safes in the apartment block behind Stary trader, and park vehicles in the the adjoining parking lot.


  • Vehicles left in trader may be automatically deleted upon restart, vehicles lost in this manner will not be refunded.
  • Duplicate keys can be made by using tin, a keymakers kit, and a fire barrel, duplicate keys kept in a safe place are a good investment, if you lose the original key you will be able to keep your vehicle.
  • Vehicles found blocking roads, parked too close to a trader or preventing access to loot spawns will be moved to a vehicle impound lot in Stary Sobor for collection, the vehicles will be deleted if they are not collected within 7 days, refunds will not be given.
  • You ARE permitted, and encouraged to use the impound warehouse to store your vehicles, if you have no base..
    you may also store them in the parking lot at the public apartment block behind Stary Trader.

    The roller door can be opened by standing here and aiming at the side of the doorframe

AI & Missions:

  • Various AI missions can be found in random areas of the map, the colour of the mission depicts the difficulty level
    should you wish to claim a mission, make sure you use side chat (blue) to notify other players that you "Claim" that mission, as well as placing a marker on it with your name,
    you can place a marker by opening your map and double clicking on the area where the mission is, you can then type your name in the box provided.
  • Once you have completed the mission, or if you choose to abandon the mission you can open your map and hover the mouse over your maker and then press the delete button to remove the marker.
  • Roaming bandits can be found in random places throughout the map, they are generally easy to kill than mission bandits, they are primarily found on sealed roads and are an easy source of loot.

Heroes & Bandits:

  • Killing hero AI will lower your humanity, if you go below -5000 humanity you can visit the bandit base trader and buy and sell supplies not found at other traders.
  • Killing bandit AI will increase your humanity, if you go above 5000 humanity you can visit the hero trader and buy and sell supplies not found at other traders.
  • The hero and bandit traders also sell armed vehicles and heavy weaponry not found at general traders

Storing loot and coins:

  • Safes and lock boxes are the safest method of storing loot and coins, as they are protected using a code that you are given when you set it up.
  • Safes should be kept in or near to your base, and a plot pole to ensure they are not deleted.
  • Safes and lock boxes that are found without a plot pole may be deemed abandoned and subsequently deleted. any safes, lock boxes, loot, keys, or coins lost in this manner will not be refunded.
  • Safes automatically reset to 0000 after 30 days of inactivity (to prevent this, I recommend you open them at least once every 2 weeks)
  • Lock boxes automatically reset to Red:00 after 30 days of inactivity (to prevent this, I recommend you open them at least once every 2 weeks)

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